reference | 07 12 2020

Wentworth Hotel - Boiler room upgrade

When the owners of Wentworth Hotel in the historic town of Aldeburgh were ready to upgrade their heating and hot water system, they had no hesitation in installing the Nesta boiler from AIC. The Wentworth Hotel is a long-established hotel with an excellent rating and has recently celebrated being under Pritt family ownership for 100 years in 2020. The Hotel prides itself on traditional values and guests enjoy stylish comfort and sea views, with many clientele returning to the ‘Country house by the sea.

In a testament to the hotels exacting guest considerations, The owner of the hotel wanted 100% standby on the heating system to ensure there would be no break in supply should the boiler ever breakdown or during maintenance and so enlisted the help of installer Columbus Heating to deliver reliable heating and hot water solution.

Serving 28 of the hotels 35 bedrooms and all kitchen service, and working within the constraints of a very small plantroom, the installer opted for a combination of two AIC Nesta Floor standing 120kW boilers and three 400 litre cylinders. The boilers are manufactured in stainless steel and offer a 5 year boiler warranty and 10 year Fire Tube heat exchanger warranty. The boilers have a modulation ratio of 10:1 and are controlled on this occasion via BMS on a 0-10 volt signal to meet the varying heating and hot water demands of the hotel dependant on occupancy.

On this installation the boilers are protected by a plate heat exchanger fitted onto the system to ensure no dirt or sludge passes through the boilers. With a footprint of just 0.51m², the Nesta boiler was the natural choice to overcome the small plantroom issue. The Nesta boiler range chosen in this installation is available in 4 outputs from 120 to 250kW. All Nesta boilers are powered by state-of-the-art stainless steel heat exchangers and Ultra-low NOx premix burners.

The 3no Silox 400 litre cylinders have been installed in parallel to ensure the ample hot water supply to all the guests is covered when the hotel is at 100% hotel capacity. The slim design of the cylinder ensured maximum hot water storage could be achieved from the small space.

Visit our Download section to take a look at System Schematics and Specification of products used in this project.


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