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  • Where can I find information about AIC boilers warranty?

    Due to various legal and legislative conditions, for more details about warranty please contact your country AIC subsidiary or check on the aicON app.


  • What is a Fire Tube technology?

    Fire Tube technology means that hot gases pass from a burner through one or more tubes running through a sealed container of water. The heat of the gases is transferred through the walls of the tubes by thermal conduction, heating the water. During the process, the flue gas condenses.
  • What are the advantages of Fire Tube boiler?

    The advantages of Fire Tube boiler are:
    • a higher resistance to oxidation and corrosion,
    • unique geometry of tubes that increases the heat transfer by creating a turbulent flow of the flue gases,
    • maximise the boilers efficiency and reliability, which in turn extended the longevity of the boiler,
    • the larger water capacity of the exchanger affects the modulation range and the stability of the burner operation,
    • self-cleaning heat exchangers.
  • How to define correct AIC product?

    First you need to determine your need for heating (kW) and hot water (kW) for your installation.
    A solution should be chosen depending on the space available for the installation, and the site available: whether you want to use wall-hung or floor standing boilers.

    It is also important to determine the number of boilers on the basis of which we want to build a boilerroom: one boiler or a cascade solution (up to 6 boilers). We recommend installing boilers in a cascade system for public utility buildings or with a power greater than 400 kW.
  • What are the cascade options for Nesta Chrome – wall hung condensing boiler?

    If we use AIC frame with manifold, possibilities are:

    1.    IN LINE option up to 6 boilers – Max power outputs from 360kW to 900kW

    2.    Back to Back option up to 6 boilers – Max power outputs from 360kW to 900kW
  • What is the difference between room unit and room thermostat?

    Room unit – you can see and set boiler parameters, BUS connection.

    Room thermostat – only ON/OFF signal for heat demand (timer can be set).
  • Does the primary air have to be vented from Silox tank and where the vent is?

    During the filling primary side, the air vent must be open till the water starts to drip from the air vent.
    This should be carried out by a qualified engineer
  • How do I top up water pressure?

    You can find the correct pressure levels for your boiler and instructions for repressurising the system in the user instructions. We recommend you ask a qualified person, such as an installer, to repressurise your system for you.
  • Can I install a Fire Tube boiler in an older building?

    Yes, you can install a Fire Tube boiler in an older building. You just need to comply with current safety legislation. The cleanliness of the installation is vital, in the case of mechanical or chemical contamination the installation should be flushed or alternatively separated from the boilers using a plate heat exchanger.
  • Can AIC boilers be used in conjunction with thermostatic radiator valves on radiator heating systems?

    Yes, AIC boilers can be used in conjunction with thermostatic radiator valves on radiator heating systems.


  • Why should I have weather compensation?

    Weather compensation control is an optional control available for modern boilers. It works by monitoring the temperature outside and using this information to help the boiler work as efficiently as possible.

    Weather compensation control is worth adding to a modern central-heating system as it works out when the boiler needs to operate. You simply tell the system what time you want the house to be warm and the controls take care of this in the most efficient way possible. Controls like this can also save you more on your energy bills.
  • What is meant by “flushing” my boiler?

    Your heating system should be thoroughly cleaned by flushing it with pressurized water in line with the boiler manufacturer’s instructions. This should always be done by the installation engineer before installing a new boiler.
    This is done to clear out any sludge that has built up over time and could cause the system to run ineffectively or damage the boiler. It’s normal in older heating systems for sludge to have built up so this should be flushed away before introducing a new boiler. if this is not carried out as per the manufacturers instructions this will invalidate your warranty.
  • Why is my boiler losing pressure?

    The most common reason for a boiler losing its pressure is usually due to a leak somewhere in the heating system. Contact your engineer to investigate this.


  • Do gas boilers use a lot of electricity?

    Electricity consumption depends on the boiler. All AIC boilers use class A pumps and low energy controls to ensure minimal electricity usage.

    For more details please check technical data in the manual from our Downloads section.

Service & Parts

  • Where spare parts catalogue can be found?

    Spare parts catalogue can be found on the dedicated website:
    Authorized partners who use our aicON application can access the spare parts catalogue from the app directly.
  • How long it takes to get a spare parts delivery?

    Time of the delivery depends on local supplier. Please contact them via contact form.
  • How often should I get my boiler serviced?

    You should always check with your manufacturer, but usually your first boiler service must be conducted 12 months after installation in order to meet the terms of your warranty. It should then be serviced every 12 months on an ongoing basis after this.

    Downloading and using the aicON application allows you to easily track the full service history of your appliance including installation date, completed and also upcoming services. Parts replaced are also recorded here to complete a full life history of the boiler.
  • Why should I get my boiler serviced?

    There are a variety of reasons why it makes sense to book regular AIC boiler services, including the following:
    - Maintain efficiency
    - Greater reliability
    - Increase lifespan
    - Enhanced safety
    - Maintaining warranty protection
  • Can any plumber install a gas condensing boiler?

    No, only qualified engineers who retain all necessary certification for the installation.
  • How do I remove my service message?

    Contact your installer or service engineer.


  • What is a combi boiler?

    A combination or 'combi' boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit.
  • Where can I see AIC boilers in action?

    Please contact our local suppliers, check our Youtube channel or visit us during the trade fair.
  • What is ErP?

    ErP stands for Energy-related Products.
  • Where can I find a replacement installation/user manual?

    You can find all the latest installation/user manuals on our Download section or on the Single Product page of our website. For older documents – please check our app – aicON – where you can easily access a manual dedicated to your specific product.
  • Where do I find serial number of a boiler?

    You can find the serial number of a boiler on the box, bottom part of the boiler and inside of the boiler as well.


  • What happens after a power cut?

    When the power has returned boiler will start automatically and all the perameters will stay the same.
  • Is it dangerous to turn your boiler off?

    No, it is not dangerous to turn your boiler off.
  • What happens if pressure in boiler is too high?

    The boiler will regulate the pressure by releasing water via the safety valve.


  • What about linking a boiler to smart controls?

    All AIC boilers have the ability to connect to smart thermostats which have either 0-10V heat demand or On/Off functionality.
  • What controls are compatible with my boiler?

    Any available thermostats with On/off function. Room units or building management systems with On/off function or 0-10V heat demand function, and also Modbus.
  • Are AIC boilers compatible with digital home intigration systems, e.g. Alexa, Sri, Google, ?

    Yes, if those systems support 0-10V or Modbus. Or via our web server and API interface.


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