Thermal Management Unit

Thermal Management Unit is a stratification buffer tank combined with the heart of the system – a hybrid heat controller.
Hybrid heat controller manages both heat sources, heat pump, and boiler, to deliver heat in the most efficient and cheapest way for the customer. Besides heat source control, the unit manages also up to 4 mixed circuits and Domestic Hot Water.

100 %

Stainless steel

6 bars
Operating pressure

Core of


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Our solution to emission reduction

The integrated controller ensures the management of your hybrid system in the most efficient way. You can optimise the delivery of central heating and hot water in the most economical way, using a heat pump and a boiler as heat sources.

The unique arrangement of connections and baffles allows the generation of heat without interfering with the main or supplementary source, extending the efficiency of the system. All the connections are positioned on the side of the appliance to simplify installation and maintenance.


One product, two functions

Stratification heat storage in stainless steel
Designed for the simultaneous operation of multiple heat sources with a separation diaphragm to maximise the heat input provided by the Heat Pump

Energy management regulator
Always allows you to use the most economical form of energy. housed within an elegant and robust casing Available in two models TMU 500 - TMU 800

Key Features & Benefits

  • Thermal storage in stainless steel
  • Multi-energy
  • 100% Stainless steel
  • 6 bar operating pressure
  • Separation diaphragm between the Heat Pump area and the boiler
  • Continuity of service


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